Photo Lesson: 2

The follow up... First let me reiterate that Climbingpics is one of my favorite blogs. Photography is, for me anyway, an individual pursuit that I do for my own reasons and under my own terms, I enjoy it that way. It would be a stretch to suggest that one considers it to be any different for someone else. Nonetheless, in dissecting my own photo I might learn something... Here's the shot I was looking for, and as such, can be illustrative for climbing photography fundamentals:

1) We've waited for the light to change, one, so there's better stick and two, to avoid the speckled light from the sun through the trees.

2) Climbing is a dynamic sport, regardless of how you look at it, capture some action!

3) Here, I've turned down the shutter speed to accentuate the move...

4) and, of course, the law of thirds is obeyed...

5) with the focus on the grip and the climbers face slightly blurred yet clear enough to depict the focus and concentration.

6) Knowing the move, having done it myself, I set up to capture three points which is necessary to avoid a north-south shot...

7) The engaged belayer has a red touque to provide depth in the background.

8) Even if the reduced shutter speed results in the grip being slightly out of focus the essence of the hardest move on Tabu is captured through Christoffer's concentration and his desire to send.

9) Maybe it's not necessary to photograph the hardest climb, but rather climbers who are intense in their undertaking. After all, climbing is about climbers...

On a final and more serious note... It is troubling when those who are willing to provide critique do not have tolerance for someone else's. Smacks of hypocrisy... so bring it on!

Christoffer Westin sending Tabu, 7b, Skevik.

1/125s, f/2.8, ISO 200, 35 mm © 2011 Shawn Boye

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